In April 2021 eight employees from the Vehicle Certification Agency attended our Introduction to ISO 9001:2015 Training Course on a dedicated basis within our Virtual Classroom.

The Vehicle Certification Agency

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) is the designated UK Vehicle Type Approval authority with over 40 years’ expertise and offices located globally. The agency focuses on improving vehicle safety and protecting the environment by providing testing and certification to internationally recognised standards.

“The Tutor made the session interactive and answered all of our questions”

Why did the Vehicle Certification Agency book our Introduction to ISO 9001:2015 Training Course?

We had a group of new starters that joined our small team, so we had a mixture of ‘old hands’ and ‘fresh faces’. The old hands had received training before, but to the 2009 edition of the standard. As manager, I wanted to make sure that we all had the same understanding of what quality management meant when talking about it in day to day work, this meant the training acted as a refresher for us old hands and would de-mystify the concept for the fresh faces.

“It was a good investment all round”

Why did you choose to train your staff with Bywater?

We have worked with Bywater for many years as our first-choice provider in training in the field of quality management, I am looking to repeat this with another cohort.

“First-choice provider”

How did the training go?

It went really well and I could see the team members with cameras were engaged the whole time. I imagine the transition from face to face to online delivery presents a fresh set of challenges, but I think you did exceptionally well and kept the ones without cameras engaged too (I think it was evident when joining the break out groups).

I think the level of content was well suited to the knowledge of the group and the analogy to the cake was a really good starting point, such that everyone could relate to it, and so the ‘framework’ could then be well understood with the ISO 9001 clauses applied.

From my personal perspective it was a day well spent as I learnt something, and as a manager I can also say that my group also will have benefitted and will understand how a QMS supports them in their day to day work, how it works, and how to think about new processes or modifications to existing ones with the QMS in mind.

“The Tutor was great and really engaged the team”

How do you feel the training has benefitted your organisation?  

The immediate benefit is that the team can see how the application of the principles of ISO 9001 underpin what they do, it is built in to the processes we use and how it can help them, for example how to think about new processes or modifications to existing ones with the QMS in mind.

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