Sandrine from Kerry Central Micro Lab in Bristol attended ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Auditor training, learn how the training is helping her to gain accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025.

What were your training objectives?

Our customers are looking for UKAS accredited suppliers in ISO/IEC 17025 rather than our current accreditation system so the main aim is for us to be able to gain accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025.

What learning did you take from the course?

There were some key areas that really helped me on the course and this was traceability an calculating measurement uncertainty, and how to handle some reluctant participant when auditing.

Have you been able to apply anything since the course?

I have visited two other Laboratories who are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to see if they would be suitable as back up to us. Having been on the course I knew what I was looking for and what questions to ask so it was very helpful to have this knowledge.

I have also helped another site with a different kind of accreditation but I was able to apply the same principles as I did for ISO/IEC 17025.

What have been the benefits for you and the business?

We are aiming to gain accreditation in ISO/IEC 17025 in September / October 2017.

How was the tutor?

Tim was very good and he was supportive during the training. Even afterwards he has helped me regarding some questions I had – no hesitation to help at all.

What was the venue like?

The venue was ok but the food choice was a little confusing.

Guildford venue * This venue is no longer used by Bywater.

Would you recommend Bywater?

Yes definitely, Bywater were much better than a course I attended for ISO 9001.

Kerry Central Micro Lab