Natalie from Network Rail attended the ISO 9001 Lead Auditor training in April 2017 and now has the knowledge to update their ISO 9001:2008 suite of questions to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. She also explains why In-house training can be of benefit to delegates and how to get the most out of the course. This was delivered as In-house training.

What were your training objectives?

The course was a requirement for my role to undertake audits on suppliers and internal departments.

What learning did you take from the course?

The course helped me to be able to use the standard as a basis for my audits and to complete a checklist to prompt questions on the audit.  Good techniques were given to establish if a finding was non-conforming or required further information.

Have you been able to apply anything since the course?

Shortly after the course I undertook an audit as the lead.  I felt a lot more confident in being able to raise issues and refer back to the standard as reference.  The interview techniques given during the course were useful, especially when someone disagreed with a point being made.

What have been the benefits for you and the business?

Our team is all trained on ISO9001 2008, and will need to undertake the ISO9001 2015 transition.  Our internal database questions are set out using 2008 however, having undertaken the 2015 course, I will be looking to update the standard suite of questions within our system to be more in line with the 2015 model as most of our suppliers have completed their transition or are in the process.

Any advice to delegates?

Ensure you undertake all your pre-course reading including the standard.  Ask questions, the course is fast paced and you won’t have time to go back to something if you don’t understand.

What were the benefits of having the training In-house at your organisation?

The benefits of in house training, as a group the discussions were industry related and we were able to apply our industry knowledge to the course work.

Would you recommend Bywater?

I would recommend Bywater to other colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

Network Rail