Three important factors in our approachAt Bywater our ultimate objective is to deliver accelerated, measurable and sustainable business improvement for our clients. Whether this is through training or consulting our guiding principle has always been based on delivering quality for our clients with a continuous improvement philosophy behind all we do. We believe our business improvement capability is built on three important imperatives:

1. Consultant and Trainer Capability

We pride ourselves in the quality of our consultants and trainers. Over the years we have built a strong consultant network providing us with the depth and breadth of capability to support most client business improvement challenges.

We believe in working with the best, so whether attending one of our training courses or engaging us as consultants you will be working with one or more of our specialist business consultants who are all well qualified, very knowledgeable and experienced practitioners in their specialist fields. In our view this specialist expertise combined with well-honed training and consultancy skills have been fundamental in ensuring engagement and credibility with client staff, essential for a successful outcome.

2. Client orientation

Evolution of consulting approachesOver the years we have established and honed a client-led approach to our assignments. Whether you are an individual on one of our open training courses or an in-house training course client you can be assured that your training course has or will be designed and delivered with you in mind.

Through various course design and training methods we endeavour to ensure that you get the opportunity to apply the central concepts of your course to your own organisational circumstances. We also try and provide a variety of approaches to the training to address a range of delegate preferred learning styles.

With in-house courses there is also the potential for us to customise your course to your business, focusing on your learning and development priorities and tailoring the content of the course to your own business context (through case studies for example).

This client-led approach is also a priority for us with our consultancy clients. If you engage with Bywater we will endeavour to help you build a better understanding of your specific challenges and support you to identify and implement solutions appropriate to your business circumstances. Whilst we can facilitate using robust methodology and bring best practice perspectives to the table, we advocate that improvement and change needs to be implemented from within.

3. Robust delivery approach

Central to our training and consulting capability has been the development of robust methodologies which have evolved from assignment experience, through a process of continuous improvement. Our approach to training course development and delivery is outlined in the following diagram:

Programme management and administration

In our experience most client training assignment objectives are different so we have evolved this flexible modular and menu driven approach to facilitate the development of both in-house (customisable) and our open courses.

Over the years we have also developed a structured methodology for our consulting assignments.
Again, adopting our client-led approach we like to work initially with clients to set clear objectives and then, together, agree a project plan with clear deliverables at key project milestones.

Project management