What is the format of CQI & IRCA Auditor Conversion exams?

Auditor Conversion training courses are assessed by continuous assessment and an exam on the final day. The closed-book, written exam is 1 hour 40 minutes in length. The exams are shorter than the CQI & IRCA Lead Auditor exams as they take into consideration the delegates’ prior auditing knowledge. Delegates are permitted to use a clean copy of the relevant ISO standard during the exam and a bilingual dictionary, where required.

The exam includes 3 sections. There are 70 marks available, delegates must achieve at least 49 marks (70%) to pass the examination. In addition, delegates are required to achieve at least 50% in each section.

  • Section one includes 5 questions, each worth two marks – recommended time 15 minutes
  • Section two includes three questions, each worth ten marks – recommended time 40 minutes
  • Section three includes three questions, each worth ten marks – recommended time 45 minutes

The exam papers are in a similar format to the Lead Auditor exams. During our Auditor Conversion training courses delegates will work through the specimen exam paper to ensure they are prepared for the exam on the final day.

Auditor Conversion exams are invigilated and can be handwritten (at venue-based training courses) or undertaken online (at venue-based training courses or online courses).

Additional time is available for some delegates. Where English is your second language you may be entitled to an additional 20% (20 minutes) whilst those suffering from particular disabilities, for example, dyslexia, are entitled to 30% (30 minutes) additional time. If you wish to apply for additional time please email contact@bywater.co.uk prior to the exam date or discuss your requirements with your course tutor.

Where delegates have previously successfully completed a CQI & IRCA Lead Auditor training course, successful completion of the Auditor Conversion training course, including successfully passing the exam and continuous assessment, satisfies the training requirements for IRCA certification as a Lead Auditor. Delegates will receive a Certificate of Achievement within 4 weeks of successfully completing the course.

All of our CQI & IRCA certified Auditor Conversion training courses, including our ISO 45001 Auditor Conversion training course, ISO 14001 Auditor Conversion training course and ISO 27001 Auditor Conversion training course can be viewed here.

If you have not previously undertaken a CQI & IRCA Lead Auditor training course, we would instead recommend viewing our 5-day CQI & IRCA Lead Auditor training courses.