Why choose RSS Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Over recent year’s Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma has continued to grow in popularity as an increasing number of organisations implement lean six sigma to reduce waste, increase customer satisfaction, improve productivity and reduce costs. In 2015, ISO 18404, the international standard for lean and six sigma was published which defined the competencies for attaining specific levels of competency in relation to Lean and Six Sigma, for example, Six Sigma Black Belt. The demand for individuals to achieve a recognised six sigma certification has risen as organisations wish to ensure employees and consultants have the required skills to undertake lean six sigma projects at the desired level and achieve, or exceed, the required results.

The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) 

The RSS (Royal Statistical Society), which was founded in 1834, is a professional body for statisticians and data analysts. The RSS had a strong interest in ensuring a scheme was effectively in place to provide organisations and employers with the assurance of the skills held by certified Six Sigma and Lean professionals as lean and six sigma use statistical and data tools, with statistics being key to the successful implementation of Six Sigma projects.  As a result, the RSS created the internationally recognised RSS 18404 Sector Scheme which offers certification against ISO 18404 to organisations and individuals.

Six Sigma Certification 

In 2021 Bywater became a RSS Approved Training Organisation. The RSS have approved all of our Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma training courses, confirming our six sigma courses cover the competency requirements as defined in ISO 18404 and as interpreted in RSS 18404. For example, our RSS certified Six Sigma Green Belt training course covers all 23 Green Belt competencies outlined in ISO 18404.

As per the RSS requirements, all Tutors delivering RSS 18404 approved courses are approved by the RSS prior to delivering our courses. All of our Six Sigma Tutors meet the requirements outlined by the RSS including experience in managing courses, subject expertise and facilitation skills. For example, our Six Sigma Tutors include Master Black Belts those who were instrumental in the development of ISO 18404.

On successful completion of our six sigma training courses delegates will receive a recognised six sigma certificate at Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt level.

For delegates who wish to become certified under the RSS 18404 scheme, we would recommend our RSS 18404 Green Belt Development Programme or RSS 18404 Black Belt Development Programme which includes the practical application of the competencies outlined in ISO 18404 and a day preparing delegates for apply for certification with under the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme and coaching with a Master Black Belt.

All of our RSS Six Sigma training courses can be viewed here.

RSS Certification