Do you offer dedicated training and what are the benefits?

Dedicated training is a great option if you have a number of delegates requiring similar training. The way it works is that you provide the training venue and we provide the trainer and course materials, often resulting in a more cost effective solution than open courses.

Another advantage of the dedicated approach is that usually with minor tailoring of the materials we can add more value to your delegates by including case studies or organisational specific examples to bring to life some of the theoretical concepts.

As well as cost effectiveness and the possibility of tailoring in-house training benefits include:

  • Discussions and issue resolution focused around your business priorities
  • Priority may be given to areas of learning in most need Inclusion of real working examples of how to conduct the course learning outcomes on site
  • Potential for organisation specific action planning as part of the course structure
  • Lower costs associated with travel and accommodation
  • Flexibility as to available dates and location for training, to suit you
  • Consistency of communication and organisational message

Want to find out more?

If you would like to receive a quote please complete our Dedicated training form and we can email you the information. If you have other questions do call our training team on 0333 123 9001.