Can the Lead Auditor exams and Internal Auditor exams be undertaken online?

Yes, all of our training courses and exams are available virtually as well as at over 25 venues across the UK. IEMA, CQI and IRCA have approved our online exam process and therefore you will receive a certificate upon successful completion in the same way you would with our venue based exams.

All online and venue based exams are invigilated. If you are undertaking the exam online the exam will be invigilated via Zoom, you will be required to leave your webcam and microphone on for the duration of the exam. For Lead Auditor exams you will also be required to share your screen.  Anti-plagiarism software is in place. All exams are time limited, you will be provided with a web link to the exam website prior to the start time. The invigilator will go through all of the exam instructions with you prior to the exam starting and answer any questions you may have. Technical support will be available on the exam date.

You will be informed prior to the exam date of the full exam process as it does vary depending on the exam you are taking, if you have any questions please contact our team on 0333 123 9001.