With the UK public sector spending around £290 billion annually through public procurement, the role of lucrative Procurement in the public sector is increasingly important as the pressure to deliver efficiency and effectiveness from external suppliers, whilst considering the wider economic benefits, is recognised as an essential competence.

Through engaging modules, discussions and exercises, this one-day Procurement Training course for the Public Sector is designed to provide delegates with a firm understanding of the public sector procurement process and specific public sector procurement regulations, including the Public Contract Regulations 2015, to provide an insight as to how they may best support and contribute to their organisation’s procurement objectives.

This course is also provided on a dedicated basis and can be readily customised to enable client-specific priorities and challenges to be incorporated into course materials and delivery.

  • Introduction to public sector procurement
  • Overview of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015
    • Procurement procedures
    • Supplier selection (selection questionnaires)
    • Creating a qualitative criteria
    • Creating scoring methodologies
    • Supplier feedback
    • Standstill period
    • Legal challenges
  • Soft market testing
  • Supplier clarification questions
  • Examples of good and bad procurement processes

  • Those within the public sector who are involved in public sector procurement and wish to improve their understanding of the organisation’s procurement practices and processes, inclusive of procurement and contract management staff
  • Stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the public sector procurement process
  • Those within organisations applying for public sector tenders who wish to gain a further understanding of the public sector process, for example, the supplier selection process, in order to better position themselves

On completion of this Procurement training course delegates will have an understanding of end-to-end public sector procurement and be better able to:

  • understand of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and how a procurement process should be run to ensure legal compliance
  • understand the key procurement processes, roles, activities and relationships in the public sector
  • be better positioned to contribute to procurement objectives
  • understand the requirement to adhere to organisational procurement policy and guidance
  • be aware of some of the key risks and pitfalls to avoid as a stakeholder

Our Public Sector Procurement training course can be provided on a dedicated basis at your premises, a venue of your choice or online in our Virtual Classroom. When provided on a dedicated basis the course can be tailored to meet your requirements, for example tailoring the course based on your employee’s expertise or organisation specific aims and challenges. Dedicated training is normally more cost-effective and convenient for those who wish to train employees.

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