This 1-day Category Management Introduction training course is designed to build awareness of the category management process and factors which contribute to its success.

Category Management is a strategic and structured approach to the procurement of goods and services which ensures the way the sourcing process is conducted delivers enhanced value to the organisation.

Contributing to the development and achievement of organisational goals, category management is aimed at delivering optimal performance across the portfolio of products and services consumed by an organisation from both internal and external supply markets.

This course is available on a dedicated basis and can be readily customised to enable client specific category management strategy, policy guidance and challenges to be incorporated into course materials and delivery.

The objectives and benefits of category management

  • Roles and responsibilities in Category Management
  • Category management and the contract lifecycle
  • Key category management process steps and tools and techniques adopted
  • Barriers and enablers to successful category management

  • Procurement staff relatively new to category management
  • Functional managers responsible for supporting category management implementation (operations and procurement)
  • Procurement and other internal stakeholders involved in aspects of the category management process for whom insight would be of benefit

On completion of this course delegates will:

  • Understand the concepts of Category Management and its scope across the whole of the procurement / contract management lifecycle
  • Define the roles associated with Category Management
  • Understand the importance and benefits of Category Management to organisational success
  • Clarify the process steps involved in effective Category Management
  • Introduction to some of the main tools and techniques used in Category Management
  • Understand the process of Category Management in optimising overall contract performance
  • Understand the barriers and enablers to effective category management