Bywater is a leading international training and consulting company founded in the UK nearly forty years ago.

We bring a depth of experience developed from completing many thousands of complex consulting assignments, and from training hundreds of thousands of people as part of a change process.  Our assignments have spanned all industry sectors, both public and private, and include:

·         Agriculture ·         Healthcare
·         Automotive ·         Information Technology
·         Chemicals ·         Oil and Gas
·         Construction ·         Paper and Packaging
·         Distribution ·         Pharmaceuticals
·         Electronics ·         Public Sector
·         Engineering ·         Telecommunications
·         Financial Services ·         Transport and Distribution
·         Food and Drink ·         Utilities

Bywater has extensive experience in all these areas, as evidenced by our continuing involvement with national and international organisations in over 40 countries (view client list here).

 Our approach to major change implementation is distinctive in a number of important ways.

  • It is stakeholder-driven.  Change must satisfy stakeholder needs.
  • It is a holistic process.
  • We work in partnership with our clients.
  • Our vision is to support self-managed change efforts.
  • We are implementation focused.
  • We are results-driven, continually monitoring the benefits of the change process and sharing the risks

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Each of these distinctive Bywater characteristics is outlined in more detail below.

Many change efforts meet the requirements of one stakeholder, but often at the expense of others.  We believe that organisations need to implement change which simultaneously delivers improvement to all key stakeholders – shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the community.  Our approach puts stakeholder requirements at the heart of the change process, focusing on both current and future needs.

Major improvement efforts fail when they focus on only one or two dimensions of change.  Bywater views Business Transformation as a holistic process engaging all aspects of the organisation.

In our experience, clients only achieve lasting and radical improvement in performance by attacking change along four dimensions:

  • Direction, e.g. creating the vision and then leading the organisation towards that vision
  • Market e.g. defining which segments to target and how we differentiate to those target customers in terms of price, quality and service
  • Process e.g. ensuring the core work architecture is robust and error free so it can deliver the organisation’s products and services into the market place
  • People e.g. building the skills and competencies necessary to achieve the vision

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Important transformation efforts benefit from outside vision and experience.  However, if not managed properly this outside assistance can become an intrusion of conflicting goals, politics and direction.  Bywater’s approach is effective because it is specifically designed to minimise this risk by the total goal alignment of all parties on meeting the client’s business needs through:

  • Shared responsibility for achieving goals.
  • Mutual trust.
  • Joint problem solving and solution development.
  • Concentration on the long term for both benefits and the relationship.

Left to their own devices, with all of the other pressures of running ‘right sized’ businesses, few companies have either the resources, commitment or experience to manage major change.  Many solutions are designed without the responsibility for their implementation.

Bywater’s considerable experience in implementing change, and its commitment to delivering the solutions it develops with its customer, minimises these risks of failure.

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The Bywater approach is about delivering key goals in a cost-effective way to suit the clients’ needs. Throughout the phases of any project, including the initial analysis, implementation of improvements and monitoring of success, we aim to maximise the client company’s potential, and, above all, to achieve the desired results.

We believe that partnering with Bywater enables our clients to achieve their goals faster and more sustainably that they can on their own.  Specifically Bywater brings:

  • Depth of expertise in managing and supporting major change initiatives
  • Broad based industry experience
  • A holistic model of change
  • Proven experience of working successfully with client teams.
  • Highly honed project management skills.
  • Effective project design and tracking methodologies
  • An independent and impartial viewpoint
  • Captured knowledge from thousands of consulting assignments
  • Proven tools and approaches
  • Identification of common pitfalls
  • A focus on delivering project objectives

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